Container Village

We’ve taken something that you’ve known and loved – the AREA 506 Vendor Village – and turned it into an amazing experience on the Saint John waterfront. 

In June 2022, we opened the full waterfront experience with a diverse collection of retail shops, a performance space, a Waterfront Container Lounge, food trucks, public art and pop-up activities. All wrapped up in more than 60 shipping containers, celebrating everything that’s cool about being a Port City.

Over 35 vendors brought this innovative space to life for six months and created memorable experiences for the nearly 500,000 visitors who passed through the gates. 

We’re currently closed for the season, but we’ll be back in the Spring with some exciting changes, more vendors, and more events! If you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list and keep up to date with news.

Some other questions you might be asking yourself:

When is the Village open?

We’ve closed the gates for the season, but we’ll be back in the Spring. When in doubt, check Facebook or Instagram or sign up for our newsletter to get the inside scoop!

Is it free to visit the Village?

Of course! There’s never a charge to visit the vendors in the Container Village. You can shop, grab some lunch at a food truck, a beverage at The Docks Container Lounge and enjoy it from the top level of the viewing deck. (seriously, you have to see the view from up there!)

The only time you’d need a ticket is if there was a special event or a band or whatever on the stage and you wanted to stick around to see the show. And even then, the shopping side would still be free to browse. 

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs! Of course, any furry/​fluffy/​feathered/​scaly friends will need to be on a leash and on their best behaviour, but they’re welcome to browse the Vendor Village with you.

The exception is for ticketed events in the stage area, we’d suggest you leave them at home for those.

How can I get involved? Do you need volunteers?

We love volunteers! If you’d like to help behind the scenes with our event team, hit us up! If you’re a potential sponsor or partner, or if you’re a musician or performance artist, visit the form on our CONTACT page, tell us what you have in mind, and the appropriate team member will get back to you.

If you’re a vendor and looking to get involved, here are a few things to keep in mind:

We’ve focused interest in the Village into five categories to help us curate a well-rounded group of vendors and to satisfy interest and demand from cruise passengers, residents and regional tourists:

  • Local Products
  • National Retail Brands
  • Services
  • Local Art & Gifts
  • Food & Beverage

If you’d like more information on the Expression of Interest (EOI) Process, reach out.